Von Bitcoin Art

I believe Bitcoin art is a record of the times and a call to action. It is frustration with how things are, but also hope for how things can be. My artwork is inspired by Bitcoin and Bitcoiners.

I have worked in various mediums over the years, including resin and concrete with upcycled mining equipment and Opendimes from Coinkite, but recently I have taken on the challenge of carving stone. Stone carving with hammer and chisel is a long and multi-faceted process. To me, it is the highest, artistic embodiment of Bitcoin's proof-of-work and low time-preference culture.

Below is a selection of the pieces I am most proud of. Some are works in progress. Some have been sold or are currently for sale. For sales inquires please contact sales@vonbitcoinart.com.


"Free Yourself"

"The Cryptographer's Stone"

"Bitcoin Lives"