My previous works, either sold or not for sale


With this piece my goal was to capture the moment of epiphany, when the orange pill hits and you finally understand Bitcoin. We all take different paths to Bitcoin, but when we finally see the truth, it cannot be unseen. In spirit, this piece is a self portrait, but I hope it speaks to every Bitcoiner who has seen the light and the bright orange future that lies before us.

Materials: Calacatta marble

Status: Sold, in the collection of Bitcoin Magazine

"Free Yourself"

My first sculpture in marble. It represents both my personal journey to free myself from creative constraints as well as Bitcoin's potential to free humanity from the shackles of fiat money. The Bitcoin logo is presented in the act of freeing itself from the block of stone..

Materials: Calacatta marble

Status: Sold

"The Cryptographer's Stone"

An ode to Satoshi and the many Cypherpunks and cryptographers who paved the way for the genesis of Bitcoin. It is also a reference to the mythical “Philosopher’s Stone,” a substance that could turn base metals into gold and help one achieve immortality. I view Bitcoin as the realized dream of alchemists long past. Whether it is the transmutation of energy into value or of lesser money into better money, Bitcoin in my mind embodies many attributes of the Philosopher’s stone. Even when it comes to immortality I see parallels, for while our earthly bodies will decay, the marks we leave behind on the Time Chain will never fade, giving Bitcoiners a valid claim on immortality in much the same way that beautiful stone sculptures have given their creators a legacy reaching far into the future.

Materials: Limestone, an opendime

Status: Sold